While the data is a bit old, you know how statistics are, we can still draw some conclusions.

The first thing you notice overall is that Twitter and Facebook are very similar in many respects. But there are also some very crucial differences which can come in handy to marketers.

Among the biggest differences are that Twitter users seem to be more active, but less interested in following brands.

Facebook, launched in February 2004, lured 135.4 million unique visitors to its site in April 2010 for a whopping 3.2 billion total visits, according to Compete, an analytics firm. Twitter, launched in March 2006, lured 21.5 million unique visitors in April 2010 for 147.4 million total visits.

While the numbers do seem staggering in the favour of Facebook, we do see a steady growth for Twitter. It does seem that Facebook has reached a plateau and it’s growth is not going to be as significant over the next few years.

While for Twitter, it’s quite the opposite, they can still see huge growth. In fact their numbers have increased by 66% since this data for the infographic was gathered.

It seems quite clear that a greater percentage of the registered uses actually use Twitter as compared to Facebook.