Facebook has just announced changes to its advertising guidelines to make them simpler, better organised and more intuitive. The social network is now allowing the promotion of offline casinos or other legal gambling establishments provided the ads are appropriately targeted.

However, it continues to prohibit the promotion of online gambling in the U.S, but may allow ads for online gambling and games of skill in other countries with prior authorisation. Facebook also now allows authorised state and national lottery commissions to advertise to users of the appropriate age within the lottery’s jurisdiction.

In all cases, advertisers are expected to ensure ads comply with all applicable laws and Facebook will not accept ads for illegal products and services.

In addition the company has clarified its guidelines around pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. Facebook continues to prohibit ads promoting the sale or distribution of prescription pharmaceuticals and online pharmacies, but it will allow the promotion of legal dietary supplements that don’t contain certain prohibited ingredients.

As with all other Facebook ads, those promoting these products will still be subject to rules regarding ad creative, positioning, claims, etc.

Facebook has revised its help center resources to be a better companion to the advertising guidelines by providing examples of acceptable and unacceptable ads along with more detailed explanations of the reasoning behind those examples. The layout closely resembles that of the advertising guidelines and now contains many of the specific requirements once included in the old advertising guidelines.

For example, the advertising guidelines now direct users to the help center for the detailed restrictions regarding promotion of alcohol products. The absence of those restrictions from the advertising guidelines does NOT mean that Facebook has removed or relaxed them – it now now simply explains them with examples and suggestions.