When you’re applying for a job, you can usually expect to be asked: accurate contact information, a readable and understandable work history with dates and contact information, your education, your special skills, the job title to which you are applying, and sometimes a list of references with contact information.

Get a job interview at PEER 1 Hosting and you’ll also be invited to take a putt on the green with a PEER 1 team member who assesses your strengths and weaknesses using a golf-style scorecard to see if you come up to par against key criteria. No pressure then!

PEER 1’s unusual approach to hiring the best talent for its European HQ, based in Southampton, is the mastermind of Dominic Monkhouse, UK MD at PEER 1 Hosting. The company has built an indoor golf course into its new offices on the Southampton waterfront to test the skills of would-be staff before offering final round interviews to ensure the company “continues to hire only the very best technical, sales and customer service talent”, said Monkhouse.

Dubbed “The Masters”, candidates are judged on key criteria, including (yes, seriously):

  • Have you got balls: do candidates opt for big shots? A hole in one approach or lots of shorter shots?
    Multi-tasking: can the candidate think, speak and play at once?
    Winning mentality: does the potential recruit compete hard or are they careful to let the interviewer win?
    On your game: can candidates sell themselves on the course?
    Bouncing back: how does the interviewee cope with a miss? What is their response?
    Strategy & planning: how effective is the candidate’s game plan and shot play?
    Adaptability: how do candidates deal with increasing levels of complexity and difficulty around the course?

Dominic Monkhouse said: “Nothing shows a candidate’s true colours better than getting competitive and a can-do personality is the only thing that will ensure our team provides outstanding service to our customers. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a sweaty meeting room trying to get the measure of a potential colleague; fun is part of our DNA and we’d far rather enjoy a pleasant 30 minutes of gentle exercise to find the genuine big shots we’re looking for.”

The Masters golf challenge follows PEER 1 Hosting’s ‘Foxtrot Oscar’ bonus of £1000 which it offers to any member of staff who wants to give up their position if after two weeks working for the company, it isn’t for them.

Employees at PEER 1 Hosting and its dedicated hosting arm ServerBeach, also enjoy benefits including ‘Dress Up Smart Day’ once a month and ‘Free Food Day’ the day before payday. The company runs ‘Cock-up of the Month’, which will be an opportunity to learn from and celebrate mistakes, as well as having PlayStations in the office and “Beer O’Clock” at 4pm on Friday to let off steam.

Does your company have a crazy job selection process? If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comments sections below.