HR experts at online recruitment platform jobandtalent have conducted an internal review, which revealed the five IT professionals that are most sought after by companies to secure sensitive data, and avoid future security disasters.

Just as the anxieties over security have been on the rise, so has the demand for professionals trained in data protection. Out of over 30,000 IT and Telecommunications jobs on the platform, jobandtalent has identified a 6.8% increase in openings for data security professionals in the past two years.

With increasing cases of cyber-attacks and security breaches, (without even mentioning the infamous Snowden), it is no surprise that companies are becoming increasingly aware of the potential danger surrounding the security and safe storage of company data. Across industries such as Banking, Retail, and even the Public Sector, no area seems to be immune to security breaches.

Recently, high profile corporations such as Microsoft, Apple and Facebook were hit by malicious software clever enough to penetrate their security systems. Even the most advanced tech companies with smart operating systems, such as; iOS and Windows, have been intercepted.

After analysing offers from over 12,0000 employers, the HR team at jobandtalent has created a shortlist of five professionals trusted to protect a company’s most precious asset: data.

1. IT Security Analyst

Security analysts are one of the most sought after IT professionals, as they possess extraordinary knowledge on data encryption, information security practices, and risk and compliance strategies. Security analysts operate and maintain the security controls used by a company, so they will be the key contact when making any changes to your current data security procedures and policies. They will be up to date on the current IT industry trends, and adapt to new strategies accordingly to current threats visible in the market.

2. IT Security Engineer

Security engineers are the brains behind keeping your data safe from all possible hazards. These professionals deal with technologies such as, intrusion detection systems and firewalls, alongside designing and deploying complex IT infrastructure. Security engineers integrate the foundation of the security technology within a company, so working closely with the engineer to develop proficient technologies that can block potential threats from attacking your data is vital.

3. Data Protection Adviser

Advisers prevent the misuse and leakage of data by reviewing and monitoring data protection techniques within a company. The data protection adviser is an asset to any company, as they create and manage the rules for data usage. This is extremely important in the light of the BYOD trend, where workers are accessing sensitive data on their personal devices and many times outside the office. Data protection advisers are also important when dealing with web and mobile applications and the regulations surrounding user’s personal data.

4. Information Security Consultant

IT consultants have a specific role in the protection of data, providing strategic guidance and highly expert technical assistance. They also organise training for employees to ensure efficient use of IT and safe handling of data. Consultants give companies the ability of having an experienced team on call to handle in depth security concerns. It is beneficial for companies who generally do not have the in house capacity, as they can deal with the company’s further sophisticated needs. The consultant is your problem solver for any complex data issues, so they should be your first point of contact in the case of a data blunder.

5. Legal Adviser

If your company has landed itself in a serious data security incident, a legal adviser will prevent the situation from spiralling out of control. When it comes to dealing with the press and authorities, they will be the intermediate between the two parties. They deal with managing legal paperwork, and have an excellent understanding of the data protection laws, so their advice will be invaluable. Cyber-attacks are increasing, creating a fearful atmosphere amongst companies. Allocating a legal adviser to handle data cases is a vital step towards ensuring that your company stays out of trouble.