We live in a world which is increasingly dependent on technology, and business is no different. The events of the past twelve months have certainly driven this fact home. The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have prompted organisations of all sizes to accelerate their digitisation processes in order to stay afloat. Yet adopting technology for your business should not just be a reaction to new challenging circumstances. Take a proactive approach to technology, and choose the right innovations to help your enterprise flourish for years to come.

The right technology for your business must support you in a number of key ways, regardless of whether you are a small family enterprise or a giant multi-national corporation. It should support scalability and flexibility as well as improving productivity and efficiency. Improving the experience of both employees and customers is vital, and upgrading important functions such as data security is paramount. These key features are all offered through the following four technologies, making them excellent options for any business.

Cloud computing is here to stay

2020 saw a rapid uptake of cloud computing, as the arrival of the COVID pandemic forced businesses to adopt widespread remote working practices. Cloud services allowed organisations to continue to operate, with the reassurance of improved data security and accessibility for staff now based, permanently or intermittently, at home. Cloud computing is not just a temporary solution: cloud-based services such as SaaS, IaaS and PaaS offers businesses scalability, agility, and unrivalled processing capabilities, all at a very affordable price. It looks set to become the standard for many sectors from retail to healthcare, so if you haven’t already made the move to the Cloud, it is certainly time to look into it.

Artificial Intelligence can help all businesses

AI is no longer a niche for computer scientists and robot builders. Nowadays, AI is being deployed in a variety of powerful tools for organisations around the world. Modern AI tools are designed for three main purposes; automation, data analysis, and customer engagement. More and more office and IT routines can be automated, allowing personnel to spend more time promoting and developing the business. Data analysis is becoming vital for marketing success, especially online. Customer engagement allows online businesses to replace the “personal touch” of real world shopping.

Embrace APIs

This is a trend which looks certain to continue growing: APIs can be a real boost for even the smallest of organisations. An API, or Application Program Interface, is a means for businesses to connect to and manage their use of many different online services. Using APIs allows you to get the best from the vast range of services available, by enabling them to integrate with one another. You will no longer need technical experts to manage and integrate a range of diverse applications, and you can reap the benefits in terms of flexibility and productivity as a result. Online payment portals are a familiar API, but APIs can integrate all your IT dependencies.

Rethinking marketing

Reaching and attracting new customers is vital for businesses of all sizes, and competent marketing campaigns have to keep abreast of the latest technology trends. Mobile ads are a key growth area, with mobile devices now outnumbering television sets by 3 to 1. This makes mobile adverts a powerful tool for gaining attention, and can include methods such as banners on websites, or features inserted into mobile games and apps. Sending promotions to your customers by SMS can sidestep browser ad-blockers, and creating Alexa “Skills” for smart-enabled speakers are a great way to promote your product or service and to reach new audiences.

The latest developments in technology have a lot to offer businesses, and savvy business leaders are eagerly embracing these new technological opportunities to help their organisations succeed. Choose the technologies that will best support your processes and the results are sure to follow.