If you recently purchased a HP Officejet, HP Officejet Pro, or HP Laserjet branded small-business multifunction printer, chances are that you now have access to the HP ePrint technology and several business apps that could be very useful for your business. Just look for the eprint icon on your printer, printer box, or printer documentation to confirm.


The ePrint technology for instance gives you the ability to print from any mobile device (your phone, tablet, laptop…) by sending your documents — e-mails, office documents, pdfs, photos, etc — directly to your ePrint-enabled printer. And it’s so easy to use! HP’s ePrint-enabled printers each have a unique e-mail address that allows you to print in the same way you send an email.

Simply email your document to your printer’s email address from anywhere and your print will be waiting for you when you arrive! It’s that simple! If you can email it, you can print it!

You can even customize your printer’s email address. Go to www.hpeprint.com and give your printer a name you can remember. Provide your printer’s email address to customers, suppliers, friends, or family for when you need to receive printed documents from them. And of course, only people you authorize can send ePrint emails to your printer. Bye bye fax and welcome to the new web-connected era!

Business Apps

And there’s more! Touch the Apps Icon on your printer’s touch screen and you will find an array of productivity enhancing business apps. HP has partnered with leading solutions providers worldwide to bring you these productivity tools and to help you with organization and digitization of your documents.

For instance, there are several “Forms” apps like the Biztree app or the Docstoc app that give you the ability to find and print document templates and checklists (e.g. legal forms, contract templates, price quotation, contractor agreement, etc.) you need to run your business.

You will also find eStorage apps like Google Docs app and Box.net app that help you scan and store your paper documents online for access from anywhere and any device. With just a few touches on your printer’s touch screen, you can login to your Google Docs or Box.net account and upload your documents.

Now you can see the document from any PC or mobile device from wherever you are. Users have mentioned saving 90 minutes a week with these easy-to-use apps!