Designed to address the growing issue of data vulnerability and loss within enterprise caused by employees introducing non-secure tablet devices into the workplace, the Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 meets enterprises’ most critical security and integration demands for flexible mobile computing.

As potentially vulnerable mobile devices continue to infiltrate workplaces, so CIOs are increasingly challenged with trying to ensure that corporate information is not at risk from loss or theft. Fujitsu addresses this challenge with the introduction of the STYLISTIC Q550, its 10.1-inch lightweight tablet PC that integrates seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures thanks to its Microsoft Windows 7 operating system support.

Fujitsu’s STYLISTIC Q550 delivers intuitive and productive mobile use, and provides the battery power for a full and flexible working day. Thanks to integrated security features such as a fingerprint scanner and SmartCard reader, plus optional Advanced Theft Protection (ATP) security packages, Fujitsu helps ensure that even if lost or stolen, data carried on the STYLISTIC Q550 remains protected – and can even be managed remotely.

Independent industry analyst Bob O’Donnell, programme vice president at IDC comments: “There should be no confusion that the STYLISTIC Q550 is designed for the enterprise market. Businesses and vertical industries want Windows-based slate PCs in order to remove adoption barriers such as security and easy mass deployment and manageability, as well as current application compatibility.”

Dave Shaw, STYLISTIC Q550 UK product manager, says: “The often unauthorised or unofficial usage of insecure mobile devices within the corporate infrastructure has become a real problem for enterprises. On the one hand, CIOs want their employees to have the right tools to be productive and retain flexible working practices, but on the other, CIOs and IT departments must ensure that those devices do not inadvertently lead to damaging security breaches.

“Fujitsu’s solution to this IT issue is the STYLISTIC Q550 tablet PC, which draws on our 20-year heritage of designing tablets for enterprise, while meeting the tough security, usability and integration requirements that are critical for business users today.”

The STYLISTIC Q550 tablet (Wi-Fi only) is available in the UK at the end of June, with Wi-Fi and 3G variants arriving in July.