The Individual Slim from German high-end TV manufacturer Loewe sure is a thing of beauty. It may not be the skinniest flatscreen on the planet, but there’s no other TV on the market that allows so much freedom of choice and can be perfectly tailored to fit so many different living arrangements, personal tastes and technological requirements. Just 2.5cm thick – the same as two iPhones – and weighing 23.4kg, the lush LED-backlit LCD HDTV (1080p) even manages to pack a 250GB hard drive recorder and DLNA support for media streaming over your network. This TV isn’t just a boring black box that sit in the corner of the room – Loewe offers a choice of Aluminium Black, Aluminium Silver or High Gloss White so it can be as discreet or as stand out as you want. And finally, to make the magic million number of different options, the Individual Slim can be further customised with interchangeable side-panel insets to your own personal taste. You merely have the entire RAL colour spectrum to choose from! Whether you need a secondary set for a bedroom or kitchen or you’re looking to make a statement in your living room, you’ve just found a great way to spend £3,400.
/Time To Clean Up As Facebook's Timeline Exposes Your Past/

Timeline brings historical data that users have posted on Facebook closer to the surface, instead of seeing it buried further down the page in places that most people would ignore. As a result, a random selection of your comments, updates and tagged photos representing your yearly activity since you joined Facebook now have increased visibility, and whilst you’re bound to come across some pleasant memories, there may be some that you’d rather were forgotten.

Clean up

Users have been advised to make the most of the remaining opportunity to tidy up their profiles and act now. As usual, this change has had an impact on the privacy settings many users vigilantly maintain; any post you make defaults to Public unless a pre-determined audience is selected. As our online presence becomes integral not only to how we do business but how we live our lives, it’s vital that the information posted online does not put individuals at risk.

Phishing and malware attacks have the potential to become highly personalised if cybercriminals have access to historic conversations between Facebook users, meaning targets are likely to have more difficulty in differentiating between a genuine email and a scam. Not to mention the temptation to add Life events to your Timeline, which simply enlarges any particularly noteworthy information you wish to publish. Cybercriminals are likely to find detailed answers to the most common ‘secret questions’ that are supposed to provide an additional level of security for the rest of your personal accounts.

Double check

Regardless of how convinced you are that you’ve hidden all there is to hide, it’s worth checking how your profile appears to the public; it may come as a surprise that this is easy to do by clicking on the small gear below the right corner of your cover and selecting ‘View As…’.

There is huge potential for information to be misused when sharing is the norm in the online environment. A recent survey conducted by Sophos reveals that Facebook users are beginning to acknowledge the risks of divulging too much; 51% of 4000 polled said Timeline worries them and many were shocked at how much information about themselves they had posted online.

Useful tips for making the transition to Facebook Timeline have been published on the Get Safe Online blog and users are advised to visit the Facebook Help Centre where they can learn more about privacy and Timeline.

Getting to grips with change will always require some learning, no matter how much of a digital native you consider yourself to be; but when it comes to online security, being familiar with the risks and applying a few key rules is all you need to know.