Gone are the days when companies used to hire big team of developers and programmers on permanent positions. They would rather prefer to hire third party contractors anywhere from the world. This is what gig economy is all about. While this might make sense for some small tasks, it might not be answer for companies whose core product is software.

Outsource Could Be The Way Forward

Because of cost constraints and recurring expenses it might make better sense for many non-software companies to hire freelancers and get the job don. It would be rather prudent to hire a quality freelance programmer like David Heinemeir and complete the project on hand. This is what many experts feel but it may not be that way for all programs and software solutions.

Exceptions To The Rule

For companies where the core is software this rule may not apply. This is true for companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and perhaps even Spotify. However, there are companies like Boeing, Walmart and Ford which also use quite a number of software solutions. Since software is not their core, they can afford to hire independent software consultants and programmers. We will be spending more time with the first category of companies where software is at the core.

Successful Software Does Not Have A Full Stop

Many software projects are outsourced perhaps because they believe that it is taken care from start to end. It is presumed that all software projects have an end. This may not be true. Good and evolving software continues to move from one level to another with updates and improvements. New Ideas crop up and the process of update continues. Even simple programs for routing SMS messages go through quite a bit of change and upgrading as years roll by This would call for hiring coders and programmers permanently rather than looking for quick fix solutions using freelancers.

Domain Knowledge & Source Code

Hiring permanent staff for software development for core companies has its own advantages. The entire software capabilities are captured in the source code. Having the source code available outside the organisation with freelancers could be a cause of worry. Further any changes needed in software solutions for core companies are always better handled by permanent staff. If you look at the track record of modern software companies like Svitla Systems software development services they always give quite a bit of importance to source code and domain knowledge of its developers.

Programmers also need to be updated about domain knowledge and this always stays embedded in the brains of the programmers. Hence many software companies prefer having permanent staff with upgraded domain knowledge. This knowledge certainly comes in handy as the software solutions go through various changes, modifications and updates. Such changes and modifications are best handled by permanent staff who also over a period of time develop a good rapport with the staff and other stakeholders of the customers and clients whom they service.


The above few lines do prove that hiring permanent software developers is vital for core software companies. It does not mean a developer should continue to remain in a single organisation. He or she should gain knowledge and mature as a developer and move on. These companies have to be alive to this situation and hire new talents.