Most self employed individuals and very small to medium sized businesses will find that the likes of Mozy, Dropbox and Sugarsync will suit their online filing and backup requirements but larger businesses will want to look at something that gives more control over their data storage.

To do so they will need a third party intermediary through which to direct data to the Webside server such as Cloudberry. A similar service which allows you to choose which service you wish to use to store your data – Amazon, Microsoft’s Azure, etc – is Gladinet which has just launched its cloud backup facility.

A press release from Gladinet states: “”Gladinet Cloud Backup is an open, cloud backup solution that has been developed in cooperation with our partners,” says Jerry Huang, CEO of Gladinet. “With Gladinet Cloud Backup, we’re filling a market gap, serving small-to-medium size businesses with our turnkey cloud backup solution. We have seen companie s moving their backups to the cloud for added reliability, lowered cost, lowered infrastructure requirements, or even to satisfy compliance requirements. With this new product, they can have an operational cloud backup within minutes of installation.

“Gladinet Cloud Backup addresses other concerns associated with protecting and preserving data,” Huang says. “It’s also a tool to restore backup files or perform system restore functions, which makes it a sort of lifeline for businesses. Security concerns are addressed by providing strong, AES-256 bit encryption for backup data and securing the data transmission to the cloud with SSL. Customers already using Gladinet’s cloud storage access solutions will appreciate Gladinet Cloud Backup. It synergizes effortlessly with Gladinet’s commitment to being a convenient, one-stop-shop for the access needs of our cloud storage customers.”

The press release continues: “Most users in this space are currently backing up data with tape backups, external hard drives, or with the help of off-site backup systems that do not offer much choice. However, Gladinet Cloud Backup enables users to back up application data, databases and e-mail to any cloud storage service (e.g., AT&T Synaptic Storage, Windows Azure, Mezeo, Nirvanix, Peer1 CloudOne, Amazon S3, Google Storage).

“Gladinet Cloud Backup is ideal for backing up Windows files, folders, system states, desktops and live applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server to any of these providers, plus it has the advantage of performing both full and incremental backups. In addition, backups to the cloud can occur while managing in-use files with the Volume Shadow Copy feature. Gladinet Cloud Backup is reliable, flexible and user-friendly, allowing the user to control specifics, such as how often full backups occur, how often incremental backups occur, whether the backup data should be encrypted, how many snapshots to keep, etc.”