CloudGmail Vs. Yahoo Vs. Hotmail

Gmail Vs. Yahoo Vs. Hotmail

Perhaps you’re interested in doing a Gmail Vs. Yahoo Vs. Hotmail comparison if you aren’t sure which provider to choose. Although many free email services are available, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and Gmail are the three most popular. There is no doubt that the services belong to separate companies, but what other factors set them apart?

It is possible to store unlimited emails in Yahoo and Hotmail and attach files up to 25MB. For sending photos, videos, and audio larger than 25MB, you can use OneDrive with Hotmail. However, Yahoo does not offer any compatibility with OneDrive or Google Drive. Further, Gmail is also compatible with Google Drive, where you can store up to 10GB of data. 

Gmail Vs. Yahoo Vs. Hotmail 


In the first place, Hotmail has evolved into “” This email service allows you to store unlimited emails and upload attachments up to 25MB. 

If your document is larger than 25MB, consider using OneDrive for sending pictures, videos, and audio. Gmail serves as a free email service with millions of users. 

Although Gmail’s inbox has limited space, this does not negatively impact usability. Unlike Yahoo or Hotmail, Gmail does not lag or lock up due to its low RAM requirements. 

In some cases, information seekers who need it quickly require this feature. You can also use Gmail with Google Drive, which offers up to 10GB of storage space. 

Further, with Yahoo, you can upload up to 25MB of attachments per email, just like Yahoo’s most significant disadvantage is that it does not offer cloud storage. 

Unless your file is under 25MB, you won’t be able to upload it. It will be necessary for you to use some other services and send your file in another way.

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No Gmail Vs. Yahoo Vs. Hotmail comparison would be complete without considering the compatibility of each with other helpful software.

In contrast to other services, Hotmail allows you to connect your accounts with social media, allowing you to communicate with people using their accounts. You can also use Gmail with all your Google services, including documents, sheets, etc.

On the other hand, Yahoo does not work with any Google service and does not offer any cloud storage. Therefore, you might prefer Gmail or Hotmail over Yahoo if you plan to send large files as an attachment with your email. 

Performance & Layout

You should consider creating a Gmail account if you want something fast and connected to the vast Google world. It offers an all-in-one solution which is quite the best. 

There is only one downside: the inability to create custom folders. The email feature of Google mail is just as valuable as Google’s search engine. 

You can find the information you need by searching for just one word from an email. For example, if you received an email about “graduation,” type “graduation” into the search bar, and you’ll find every email mentioning that term. 

Overall, the Gmail layout is user-friendly and straightforward. Besides, since its redesign, Yahoo has lost many former users, many of whom used Yahoo as one of their email hosts. 

Most people, however, consider it a welcome surprise and an essential. Except for Yahoo Mail Plus, Yahoo Mail doesn’t offer much uniqueness. 

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The Yahoo Mail Plus comes equipped with better spam protection, no ads, and no loss of emails after six months. However, Yahoo does not have the most impressive design. 

Furthermore, if we look at the performance and layout of Hotmail, it is much better than Yahoo. After the switch from Hotmail to Outlook, the layout has become more appealing and focused. Outlook allows easy access to all the information you need because of its convenient design. 

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Choosing a new provider can be difficult if you are unhappy with your current email provider and are considering switching. Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and Hotmail are the three most popular services, so it cannot be easy to decide which one to choose. 

However, I would recommend choosing Gmail over Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. You can read this Gmail Vs. Yahoo Vs. Hotmail comparison to make your final decision as per your requirements.


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