The recent post about the new “socialising” of Facebook through the “like” button has brought some interesting comments on the post and through email. In recent months we have seen the beginning of what was termed The Semantic Web or Web 3.0 a platform or series of platforms designed and developed for the sharing of data.

It goes back to the Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams, left, who wrote about the “interconnectedness of all things.” What we are witnessing with services from Facebook, Spotify and others is the not-so-slow move towards the Semantic Web which will draw data from a multitude of sources to build up a profile of you and your preferences. So let’s see how this will affect you.

  • You search Tripadvisor for holidays in Bermuda and on top of the list a special honeymoon venue offer pops up that you ask for more information on. Your girlfriend reads an email – you share everything right – and before you get home the church is booked, the invitations are ordered and her father doesn’t think you are a total ass after all.
  • After a beer too many you retweet the wrong post on Twitter and you find you now have a reputation as being one of the leading incontinence products salespersons in the US.
  • You happen to mention of Facebook you’d like a change of job.This is picked up by a less than reputable recruitment company who tracks down your CV and finds out you have your current boss as a referee and asks if you are a good employee. Hi boss, why the funny look?
  • You click as a “like” a “slip on a banana” type video on YouTube only to find the woman featured is the mother of the 240lb monster four doors down you friended at a neighbourhood party two years ago.
  • Dating agencies databases are hacked and the comments are posted all over the web … fill in your own scenario!
  • You post your current position of FourSquare and three ex partners turn up to harangue you about comments left on Facebook.
  • An old friend makes their Picasa album public and there’s that photograph of you at a pole dancing club when you told your wife you were at a business dinner

What’s your biggest fear about emerging social media trends?