Some unfortunate news last week for fans of certified email systems. GoodMail, one of the larger companies out there, has been forced to close its doors, issuing the following statement from its CEO:

It is with great regret that I must inform you that Goodmail will cease operations on Tuesday 2/8/11. We will continue to provide CertifiedEmail tokens until Tuesday 2/8/11 5pm PST at which time our Token Generators will be taken offline.

Tokens provided between 2/1/11 and 2/8/11 will be free of charge. All tokens provided during the month of January will be charged at regular rates.

We are working with our ISP partners to accommodate a transition period for your IP addresses so as to decrease the effort required for warm up. In the meantime, please begin to transition your traffic off of CertifiedEmail.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Daniel Dreymann

CEO, Goodmail Systems

Services like this and ReturnPath (who are happily still in business) can guarantee emails will be delivered with links and images enabled to certain ISPs.

While there is never really any guarantee, this gives you licence to be a bit more creative with certain segments of your recipients.

If you’ve been using GoodMail, now would be a good time to keep an extra close eye on your mailings and see if there’s any impact on your deliverability as a consequence of this news.

Whether this is a sign that there isn’t enough demand for such services or simply one unfortunate example, it’ll be interesting to see how competitors respond to the news and up their game.