In the current climate, businesses are starting to question the need to upgrade their computer systems every two to three years, so I believe the utilisation of cloud computing is certainly the most likely progression for companies. 

At a basic level it creates financial benefits as the issue of buying new software every few years is eradicated, while the flexibility of cloud computing delivers wider business benefits such as easier mobile working.

While Microsoft has dominated operating systems for almost two decades, if it fails to produce a Windows 8 platform that requires less system resources than previous platforms, I think Google Chrome OS may well be able to deliver a much better service, which will allow Google to take over from Microsoft as the leading system provider.

At my company we exclusively uses Google Apps for our emails, calendar and document sharing needs, so we’re looking forward to the arrival of Google Chrome OS. We’re a small, geographically dispersed company, meaning cloud computing and collaboration is essential – so the proposed Chrome OS should fit neatly with our needs as a business.

Being an existing Google App company, we are more likely to implement Google Chrome OS over Microsoft’s next operating system as we are not likely to make the switch to Office 360 – which may have been launched too late and I believe is just a reaction to Google’s version. Google has a natural buzz about it and will attract early adopting companies with its new OS.

Operating in the fast-paced online world, we always look to select the most efficient and cost-effective technology to ensure the business can function as easily as possible and to its full potential. With Google’s track record we’re expecting Chrome OS to support our business in a variety of ways. The key benefit of Chrome OS is the fact that the software will automatically and continually update itself.

This is appealing to us as we can be certain we’re working at the fastest speeds and with the latest tools. As well as automatic software updates, the new system promises automatic updates for virus and security protection too. As a company we’ve already experienced the dramatic drop in spam emails that Gmail can provide so we fully expect the same to happen with virus blocking.

The new operating system has also been designed for laptops which is perfect for businesses such as ours us as we’re often on the move, meeting with retailers and partners. Having the ability to access anything and everything we need from one point will improve the smooth running and efficiency of the business.

Google has addressed exactly what businesses want and need – quick and easy access to the Internet and software systems. The simple user interface that Google provides answers to the demands of consumers and will assist the speed at which we can send and receive emails and view web pages, particularly as we are constantly adding new discounts to our website and keeping customers up-to-date on the latest offers.

Ensuring we are providing a service to our customers that is consistent and current is essential and Google Chrome OS looks set to play a key role in our operations going forward.