Google Goggles was released on the android market last December but has now been released on the iPhone.

It allows you to take a photo of a building, barcode, book, wine bottle, many other things and it will then search Google and bring up the most relevant information. For buildings it comes up with the name and facts from Wikipedia, for books it produces reviews, prices and so on.

Google Text Reader

For many businesses, one of the most useful features is its ability to read text. It can read your shop front and then give results back instantly telling you other peoples ratings, great deals or just some key facts about you.

This could change shop fronts forever, hard to read shop signs could turn into standard black and white Times New Roman font signs. Unless you are a massive company with a well known logo or name this could mean a big re-think. With the ability to take a picture and search for information on places – restaurants and cafes will want to put themselves on the map. They should also be aware that depending on the service, people can tell anyone passing by how good or bad you are.

Barcode Reader

Google Goggles also reads barcodes, so shops must become aware that goggle users can find the cheapest price straight away, and then find out where the nearest shop is to purchase it in. Another idea would be for shops to connect certain barcodes so when a google goggle user scans the item, they are informed of a deal or special offer. You may also start to see barcodes displayed in shop windows soon, if goggle users are taking photos of their shop front, the shops could put barcode deals that would appear in their google goggles search results.

Business Card Reader

Another big feature is its ability to read business cards, simply take a photo of someone’s business card and google goggles will find information on the person, the company and also allow you to save their business details like phone number and email address. This will be a big advantage to networkers. It allows someone to carry around just one single business card and then give out their details to unlimited amounts of people, simply using google goggles to scan and save them into their iPhone.