Google’s “Instant” search engine is now censoring search by including a blacklist for keywords and phrases involving what Google considers “violence, hate, or pornography.”

But if you type even “fuc” it gives you nothing, however, if you hit return you still get all the search results – good luck with that and don’t whatever you do hit “I’m feeling lucky”!

Google revealed the blacklist on Wednesday after a reporter named “Slutsky” pointed out that her name did not generate real-time results. “We care a lot about child safety and these kinds of issues, so we had to think a lot about auto-complete and how that works as you’re getting the results. So we apply the same policies that we always have, whereby we filter for violence, hate, and pornography. As a result, if you’re typing for something that may not be appropriate for certain people to see, you won’t see results until you press enter.” – Johanna Wright

Johanna Wright also mentioned that Google uses a similar black list with Google Suggest.

Slutsky also claims that Google isn’t displaying real-time results for her Russian mathematical economist great uncle, Eugen Slutsky, famous for the Slutsky Equation. Surely the way around this to to auto suggest alternative words after fuc like FUCI, Federazione Universitaria Cattolica Italiana who will also never get a mention with the current auto-complete system!

Type in niggle and nothing gets suggested, but type in “bugger” and Google suggest you “Bugger off”! Time for a little Google rethinking methinks. Should we suggest it to them?