Apple, makers of the ever popular iPod, iPhone, and iPad has knocked Google off the top spot as the most valued brand in a recent survey by Milward Brown of advertising company WPP.

Apples current value is worth $153.3bn, up 84% from last year. Google’s worth dropped by 2%, to $111.5bn to drop to second place. With perhaps forgotten giant IBM taken up third place at $100.84bn.

Food chain McDonalds comes in at fourth with $81.01bn and software giant Microsoft up by 2% bringing up the rear at fifth place with $78.24bn.

Apple, marketing giant

Apple’s success probably lends itself to it’s top three brands and it’s not their computer the iMac. The ever popular iPod, iPhone, and the new release of the iPad 2 catapulted Apple into 1st place.

Apple seems to have a significant advantage in the marketing department that the other top five don’t have. Even when there are problems with their software and hardware they seem to have a knack over still pushing forward.

They have had problems with their iOS, with the iPhone, and many critics have criticised the lack of functionality in the iPad 1 and iPad 2. Growing concerns over the health of the current CEO and Apple’s leadership still has not dampened Apple’s move to dominate.

Google is out

Another strategy by Apple to defeat it’s competitor, Google, is to wipe out all mention of Google from it’s products.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone OS 4 removes any mention of Google from the iPhone’s search feature. Already part of iPhone OS 3.2 used by the iPad, the elimination of the word “Google” from the iPhone’s Safari Web browser is part of iPhone OS 4.

Apple may drop Google as the default iPhone search, replaced by Microsoft’s Bing. It was reported that Google paid $100 million to be Apples default search engine. Clearly Apple do not need the money. Perhaps Microsoft is paying more.

Either way it seems that Google is no longer welcome in the house.

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