Google announces in a blog post on Tuesday that it will now let anyone sign up for Google Plus. Previously Google plus was available only by invitation, but now it is officially wide open to the public. Anyone can join Google Plus.

What is Google Plus?

Google Plus is Google’s attempt to compete with Facebook. Facebook is by far the world’s most popular online social network with more than 750 million users.

Google+ is more than a social product, or even a social strategy, it’s an extension of Google itself. Hence, Google+, says Google.

In short Google plus is yet another Social Network Platform. But with a difference. It plans to outshine the likes of Facebook by it’s features.

A few things about Google Plus:

Wired into other Google Services

One of the things that is different about Google plus is its integration with other Google services. Like Gmail, Google Docs, Buzz, Google search. Right from Google’s search page you can get update notifications, check your circles and more.

People won’t leave Facebook in their droves to join Google plus. But the tight integration with other Google apps and feature might convince and ease people in. More than one might think.

Before you blink many people who are using other Google features, including Google search, might just stick with Google + as their preferred social network.


Google Circles are groups of friends or contacts that you can organize by topic: Friends, Family, Bloggers, Programmers, etc.

You just drag and drop your friends into these circles. A few are already provided, but you can make your own circles. As many as you see fit.


Hangouts lets you video chat with your friends. Hangouts are virtual rooms, private places where you can engage in video chat.

Integration with Android

With so many people already on Android, Google’s integration of Android devices and Google plus is a no brainer. From group chats, to automatic photo uploads, to updating your status. This is another thing that will potentially draw people away from Facebook.