Google Related, Google’s latest toolbar download has many positive aspects for users and businesses. I think this latest introduction will be a success for the Google ecosystem and will help to encourage people to return to the search engine.

Google Related highlights web pages, videos, maps and reviews that are “related” to the page you are already on, meaning that you can see that information without having to navigate away from the page.

In my opinion, this makes the overall user experience of researching information faster and more efficient as users do not have to click through multiple pages to find the information they are searching for.

In addition, one of Google Related’s features is specifically for local businesses and listings. For example, if you are viewing results for Chinese restaurants in London, Google related will suggest other local restaurants. Potentially, this could be very positive for local businesses, encouraging people to visit local shops and restaurants.

Overall, Google Related is extremely easy to use; the experience is functionally solid and very elegant. I think this will be another success for Google as it continues on its journey to create a user community to compete with the new developments from Facebook.

Competition from Facebook concerns Google and is why the company has introduced Google Related and other recent additions to its offering such as Google Places. Google is trying to increase its own social network in order to compete with Facebook and become more than just a search engine.

Ultimately, the more information Google can gather on its users the more it knows and this information can then be used to increase the accuracy and relevance of search results. The more accurate the search results, the more likely it is that the user will keep using the Google search engine, rather than Bing or Yahoo!

Google themselves say that all new developments are part of its drive to improve the user experience and I feel that this has been achieved with Google Related. With its links to and promotion of Google Shopping, users are being kept within the Google platform, rather than using it as a launch pad to then visit other sites. Many of Google’s latest developments have increased the “stickiness” of its brand in an attempt to help users return to Google time and again.

Overall, Google related is a very positive development and has benefits for the user, local businesses and Google itself. The user benefits by being able to search for information easily and efficiently and local businesses benefit by having their websites promoted, encouraging people to try them.

Google will also benefit as it will gather more information on users which will allow the company to further refine its search results and service offering. This will ensure that Google not only outperforms Yahoo! and Bing in terms of search results, but also the search experience that it can offer the end user and this will be what keeps users returning to the search engine giant.