Now you can use Skype to call or message your Facebook contacts, and if they have a Skype number, your calls will be free. If one of your Facebook contacts hasn’t put their phone number on Facebook, then you can request that they do so by sending them a message.

This move by Facebook is another natural progression for them into allowing users to contact their friends and family as quickly and as easily as they can, but with the added ability to call other Skype users for free, this will surely be a big hit.

This could mean a change in the way mobile service providers’ work; I am thinking there will be a bigger shift towards the sale of Data packages more than just standard minutes and texts. The service providers need to think more about the future and how people could be using Skype calls more than their minutes. Plus with Skype to Skype calls free on Wi-Fi networks, the service providers will have to think more carefully about how they can capitalise/ compete with this.

Skype Vs Google

Skype on the other hand is facing a threat from Google; the search engine giant has now integrated Google Voice within Gmail so they can call and message their Gmail contacts.

Facebook Vs Bing

To add to the controversy earlier this week Facebook and Bing launched their integrated recommendation search. Ray Valdes, an analyst with Gartner, said the partnership announcement was less about Facebook and Microsoft than it was about Facebook versus Google.

Facebook Vs Google

“The real importance of [this week's] announcement is that it highlights the growing strategic conflict between Facebook and Google,” Valdes said. “There is a battle for the future of the Web, and it is not about search engines, but about the social Web. The competition is between the new and the old – between Facebook as the early leader in the social Web, and Google as the dominant player in the content Web. Everyone else, such as Microsoft, Yahoo and Twitter, will play a secondary role, and will start lining up on one side or the other.”

Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business Research, said there’s a big battle brewing between Google and Facebook, and Microsoft may have found a way to use that conflict to chip away at Google’s massive market lead.

Google Vs Skype

Google hasn’t yet released its faux-VoIP service internationally, but it has already launched its group video chat in beta. Google’s presence in Skype’s backyard could spell disaster as Google could easily undercut Skype’s prices in order to attract more users. Google hasn’t yet shown much strength in the social networking arena though. Google Wave was shut down in August and reviews of Google Buzz were lacklustre. But the company has learned from its failures and may be ready to try to snare some of those advertising dollars away from Facebook.

Google Vs Facebook

Although Facebook has 500 million plus users, there is always the possibility that Google could enter the social networking wars in the future in an attempt to displace Facebook as the social networking king. Rumoured to be dubbed, Google Me, the Google social network is considered to be the search giant’s shot at creating a Facebook killer.

Right now Facebook and Skype are aware how important they are to each other, as together they stand more chance of competing with Google.