Techcrunch carries the story that Google will be rolling out its mass storage service in the next week or so.  Some months back there were rumours about something from Google called GDrive that would revolutionise whatever it was Google was wanting to revolutionise. Details were thin on the ground and in true Google fashion, the silence fed the flames.

Google’s Vijay Bangaru told Techcrunches Michael Arrington that the new service was not GDrive because GDrive never existed!

Not withstanding the semantics the new service will allow Google users to upload up to 1GB of any file format to their Google Docs space – videos, MP3s, you name it, you can whack it up to the cloud on the proviso that individual files are 250MB or smaller.

Regular users have 1 GB of free storage and can purchase more for $0.25/GB. Enterprise customer pay higher prices, starting at $17/year for 5 GB. There are no bandwidth charges.

Like any normal Google Docs file you can make them public, share them with a few people or keep them safely locked up under lock and key for your own use.

Considering the likes of Mozy and Dropbox offer free 2GB accounts Google is not being overly generous with its allocation of just 1GB but the opportunityn to share larger files will be an attraction to the likes of graphic designers etc.