Google is supposedly testing a ‘streaming’ search engine which gives the searcher results even before they ask. Captured on video, the results pages can be seen to change according to the characters the enquirer types into the search box. Google literally updates the results whilst the searcher is typing. Although it is a very impressive demonstration of processing power, that’s about where it ends.

This is the second bizarre experiment we’ve seen Google try in the space of a few days, the first being the search engine results page (SERP) being dominated by one site. I’m dubious about the value it adds, and think if anything, people will be confused and turned off by it. Consequently, however Google is measuring success of this, the results probably won’t be positive enough to warrant rolling this out to all. In both cases I would be highly surprised if the experiment works.

The SERPS being dominated by one domain would obviously be big news if it happens, making brands searches that are dominated by one site all but pointless to target with SEO. However, the likelihood of Google rolling out either of these tests is low, and Google does lots of tests all the time in its quest to improve the search experience. Given the number of tests Google conducts there are always going to be some that miss the mark.