In the wake of news stories about this budget and that budget being cut from within the UK Government investment funds, finally some good news with the unveiling of the Photonics HyperHighway project.

Last month I wrote about The Digital Economy debate I attended at TechHub and how the majority of the expert panel that night thought the biggest barrier to the devleopment of the economy was the lack of infrastructure investment.

The British government has now announced a £7.2 million investment in research which it says could “revolutionise the internet” and some say, make it 100 times faster.

It is going to be a long burner with the “Photonics HyperHighway” project a six year plan to bring together scientists from the universities of Southampton and Essex as well as leading industry partners including BBC R&D.

Funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the project will look fibre optics and develop new materials and device, with the aim of increasing internet bandwidth. With demands for the web increasing at a rate far faster than new cabling can be laid the investment and research can not come fast enough.