The most essential component of an efficient and effective company is knowing when to utilize group collaboration. No single person can know everything, and having additional voices added to a discussion can provide insights and comments that accelerate your business processes. Brainstorming alone or planning individual activities certainly have their place in a productive workflow, but the quality of the end product or service is vitally dependent upon the quality of the teamwork that brought those isolated components together.

Virtually anyone can benefit from a few high quality collaboration practices. Whether your team is a sounding board for marketing material, an engineering group comparing the benefits of different product designs, a collection of artists sharing techniques and visions, or a programming team debating the merits of different problem solving methods – any of those scenarios needs to have comprehensive documentation, clear channels of communication, and an accessible forum to share ideas.

Modern software tools like web conferencing or wikis are different forms of collaboration that are suited to different needs. Wikis are ideal for programmers who need to modify documentation constantly, pass notes between themselves and large groups, and maintain long-term archives of the many stages of revision their work undergoes. A web conference provides a comprehensive multimedia event that enables remote participation from team members anywhere in the world.

Group collaboration may be as simple as bringing everyone into a room with a whiteboard, or as complex as sharing code notes on a wiki during a simultaneous webcast from partners on three continents with automated digital backup and archive indexing. Your needs are specific to your business and your process, so be creative and explore your options and test out the methods with the highest return are for your group. New collaboration methods are coming out constantly, meaning your options expand continually.

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