In today’s news we hear that Bing has signed a deal with Twitter to continue to use tweets within it’s search output. As reported in an article by Search Engine Land no such arrangement has been reported by Google, what does this mean for the search giant going forward?

For the social media industry it has not been a major surprise that Twitter decided to continue to work with Bing, for a little while the relationship between Twitter and Google has been on the rocks. Notably Bing is the preferred search engine for Facebook, the world’s largest social media site.

Ironically the Launch of Google+, Google’s social media platform, seems to be isolating them in the social media world from the other providers they had previously worked with and now it puts them in a position where they may have to go it alone.

Like the geek in the school classroom, most people recognise that Google know’s it stuff when it comes to providing search answers but are they taking steps in the wrong direction when it comes to the social scene. What do you think?