Businesses originally adopted cloud computing to reduce costs, but as recent report from KPMG shows, the cloud is also revolutionising the way companies work.

KPMG surveyed more than 900 global companies and found that 80% of them are either already migrating, or intend to migrate, some of their IT needs to the cloud. 10% of the surveyed respondents said that they have already moved core information systems into the cloud.

A lot of companies have come to the conclusion that the cloud is an operational necessity. One grocery said inventory turnover improved and profits increased after it linked it suppliers through a cloud operating network.

Seattle Children’s Hospital saved months of project work by utilising 475 virtual computers in two continents. In order to compare bacterial proteins, the hospital rented cloud services from Microsoft which allowed them to update a database containing more than 10 million proteins in just six days.

Eugene Kolker, the chief data officer at the Children’s Hospital, said the cloud allows you to do this sort of one off intensive project on demand; a facility that has not been available previously.

KPMG’s research also discovered that 75% of cloud users were able to reduce their costs and 40% said that moving functions such as customer relationship management to the cloud was changing the way they deal with customers. Around 33% of respondents said their entire business model was changing because of the cloud.