While the battle for the consumer online storage and file sharing market is hotting up between SugarSync and Dropbox, the market for professional industrial-strength is till an open playing field and one that is being pitched at by a subsidiary of Deutsch Telecom Strato with its HiDrive service launched last week.

At a press launch Damian Schmidt, CEO at Strato commented, “With many online hard disk or cloud storage providers, users don’t know where their data ‘lives’, which raises many security questions. With HiDrive, all customer data is stored in our secure, carbon neutral data centres in Germany and users can access files anytime, anywhere and on any internet-capable device. Germany in particular has very strict privacy laws, so our customers can be assured their data is safe.”

Aimed at professional users, HiDrive is set to provide the fastest connection (overall bandwidth of 34 GBit per second), covering the widest range of protocols and the most secure online environment. Providing for unlimited traffic with no file type or size restrictions, HiDrive behaves just like a normal hard disk with users able to access and manipulate data as if it was stored locally. Up to 500GB of HiDrive storage is now available in the UK at a cost of £9 total for the first six months, after which users pay a monthly subscription of £19.

More information on HiDrive to be found at www.strato-hosting.co.uk/hidrive.

Strato HiDrive also provides these features:

  • The data on HiDrive can also be archived with STRATO BackupControl, which enables the creation of daily back-ups that are preserved for up to a year. It is also possible to increase the frequency to six back-ups a day, which are preserved for eight weeks.
  • A ‘security switch’ which disables unencrypted connections.
  • To share an entire HiDrive online hard disk, a user/business can create several accounts. These accounts will share one public folder but each user will also have a private folder that is accessible only to them.
  • HiDrive includes a web browser-based file manager and supports all major operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Symbian, iPhone (via third party apps).

Strato have provided me with a facility to take HiDrive for a test drive so I will be reporting back on how it shapes up.