BusinessHome Office Design Tips: How To Display Your Awards, Recognitions, Certifications

Home Office Design Tips: How To Display Your Awards, Recognitions, Certifications

Properly displaying your awards, recognitions, and certifications in your home office is an important part of celebrating your career milestones.

These displays add an aesthetic appeal to your workspace and serve as a continual encouragement and reminder of your achievements. 

Showcasing these plaques can instill pride, boost self-confidence, and create a positive impression on visitors or clients.

This guide provides you with various solutions that range from shadow boxes to acrylic holders for effectively displaying your accomplishments in style.

12 Ways to Display Your Numerous Awards

There are endless ways to display your awards in your office, and if you’re someone who frequently gets recognized for your achievements, we recommend these suggestions.

1. The Traditional Wall Display

Hanging your awards and certifications on the wall of your workspace is a classic choice, and it serves a dual purpose, even in a WFH situation. Not only do they clearly display your accomplishments, but they also offer some personal statements about you as a professional

2. The Home Office Shelf

The home office shelf can be transformed into a mini-museum of your accolades, turning your workspace into an inspiring hub.

By placing items such as diplomas or personalized engraved crystal trophies there, you subtly exhibit your accomplishments to your friends and family.

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3. Shadow Box Display

A shadow box display is an elegant and protective frame that allows you to flaunt your awards, recognitions, and certifications in style.

It has a glass front to keep them dust-free while highlighting them visibly. The plush velvet backdrop adds a touch of sophistication.

4. Wall of Fame

A wall of fame is a creative way to display your accolades. Dedicate an entire wall in your office for hanging different frames with your rewards and recognitions.

Careful arrangement by size and color creates an attractive and incredibly artistic representation of your achievements. 

5. Plaque Arrangement

Opt for a plaque arrangement to exhibit smaller recognitions, medals, or pins. This method involves mounting your awards on a specialty board, creating a beautifully arranged collection on your office wall. The plaque shows off your achievements and showcases their prominence.

6. Specialty Display Case

A specialty display case is an excellent choice to exhibit your unique recognitions like trophies, diplomas, and more. These custom-made cases have an artistic touch.

They preserve and protect valuable awards while ensuring their conspicuous presence in your home office setup. 

7. Photo Ledge Display

A photo ledge display is an innovative solution for showcasing smaller awards and recognitions alongside your favorite family pictures.

This multi-functional approach gives a personal touch to your office. These ledges are customizable, letting you refresh the look as often as you fancy. 

8. Add A Reward Bookshelf

Adding a reward bookshelf to your home office is an excellent idea for displaying weightier trophies and larger recognitions.

The open shelving system not only fulfills your storage requirements but also adds an intriguing design element to any home or personal office. 

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9. Use Magnet Boards

For a dynamic display of your awards, consider using a magnet board. This trendy method allows you to easily rearrange or interchange your achievements, keeping the layout fresh and interesting. With its sleek design, it serves as a functional tool and a visual feature.

10. Backlit Art Frames

Backlit art frames offer a visually engaging method to exhibit your certifications. Combining beautiful certificate designs with the radiance of a backlit presentation, your achievements become a captivating sight. This unique display turns regular certifications into glowing symbols.

11. Personalized Trophy Cabinets

Personalized trophy cabinets signify exclusivity and emphasize the importance of your achievements. By tailor-making a cabinet for your awards, you make your accolades inevitably visible. A beautifully crafted unit pulls the eye, flaunting your professional journey in style. 

12. Acrylic Holders

Acrylic holders offer a practical yet chic solution for displaying your certificates. These holders can accommodate numerous awards, making efficient use of limited space. The transparent nature of acrylic ensures visibility and accessibility of your recognitions at all times. 

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In Conclusion…

Now that you’re armed with some fantastic ideas for displaying your awards and recognitions don’t hesitate to experiment with different styles.

Whether you choose a specialized display case or a magnet board, remember that these displays are an extension of your professional journey.


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