Homeworking is all the rage. Thanks, in part, to the increasing prevalence of fast and superfast broadband connections an increasing number of employees are spending some or all of their time working from the home office, the number of small enterprises being run from home is on the up too.

But as home working rises in importance so should the emphasis being placed on the right broadband connection for the home office. Many homeworkers using a standard broadband package designed for personal use could be missing out on features which would help businesses run more efficiently saving time and money.

The majority of ISPs offering a home office broadband package will have dedicated business departments to help setup and support customers. The obvious advantage to this is that if things go wrong you are likely to have your issues dealt with in a much more timely manner than a standard home broadband package. The less time you’re offline, the less time you are out of business.

Users of home office broadband also suffer less at the hands of the dreaded traffic management policies which plague home broadband users. These days traffic management isn’t restricted to short periods in the evenings.

Virgin Media for example employ traffic management against heavy users during most of the day – if your business relies on the internet to function then having your connection reduced from 30Mb to 5MB with similar cuts to upload speeds poses a serious risk.

The rollout of superfast fibre broadband across the UK is well documented with more and more areas in which services of up to 110Mb broadband are available coming online. Choosing a fibre based broadband service for your home office is a sensible choice for a couple of prime reasons.

Firstly, you’ll be able to rely upon some of the fastest broadband available in the UK and secondly, many business packages are able to offer ADSL as a fallback option were any issues to arise with your primary connection.

There are also opportunities to save money with home office broadband. Many providers offer businesses bundles which combine phone and internet services often at very competitive prices. On top of the money saving element, giving your business a dedicated phone line and number enhances your credibility and allows you to keep a line free for crucial business related calls.

Other features such as static IP addresses and specific business and home office customer support lines make home office broadband packages something which homeworkers should consider whether they can afford to miss out on.