One of the best Twitter clients out there has announced its new “freemium” pricing package which ranges from a basic free package to an enterprise option that will require you to cough up a staggering $1500 a month to use! From last Wednesday all newcomers signing up to Hootsuite will have to choose from one of the plans – including the freebie with advertising option – while existing users will be asked this week to make a choice of which plan their intend to subscribe to.

Hootsuite says: “ Following in the steps of industry giants like Salesforce, Basecamp and Flickr, we’ve crafted the package tiers to provide the most useful tools to as many customers as possible while also providing advanced tools to customers who need the business-centric features. We’ll keep listening closely to see how we succeeded in meeting your needs.

“We aim to continue providing free service to approximately 95% of our current users. Based on a customer survey (thanks again to all of you who offered your opinions), along with a comprehensive review of usage data, we’re confident we’ll achieve this goal. This means most of you will continue to use HootSuite in much the same way you do today. Additionally, power users and enterprises with teams can confidently rely on HootSuite for critical campaigns knowing there will be continuity of service from a stable company.”

In the few months I have been using Hootsuite I have been seriously impressed by the functionality – although I’d be hard pushed to see how spending $1500 a month on it could be justified although I am just a standard pond life user but I suspect I will recklessly sign up for the $5 a month option just to get away from adverts.