Any business that aspires to climb their industry needs to invest in technology. Many proprietary software and commercial packages are readily available. However, most of these are designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Investing in bespoke software development proves the superior option, particularly for businesses with specific needs that cannot be addressed by proprietary software.

Greater control

Using tailored software means businesses gain more control over the design and functionality of their software. Through this, unnecessary features can be cut off and only the most useful ones will remain on the finished product. This can have a huge impact on the ease-of-use of the software and its overall efficiency. By working with professional software developers from the start of the development phase, businesses can rest assured that the package is optimised for the unique needs of their company.

This greater level of control also means being able to master the software in a short time. According to Graham Church, managing director at CodeFirst, creating the kind of software that makes businesses feel as if they created it themselves increases productivity and reduces training expenses since employees can be trained in-house.

Expert advice

Every step in the production process proves critical for creating the perfect tailored software for businesses. One benefit to working with an expert software developer is that business owners can ask questions and receive a personalized advice. This is much better than searching the web for hours on end only to find generic answers. Since professionals have a thorough understanding of the package, this knowledge can be passed on to the owners, so they can quickly and efficiently address any issues that might come up in the future.

Excellent returns 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that bespoke software requires a greater upfront investment than a generic commercial package. But over the long-term, it’ easy to see how this investment can generate excellent returns. Building bespoke software means businesses own the package. No annual licenses to be paid, which could easily cost a ton of money especially if the off-the-shelf software requires additional fees for more users. This can also be a viable solution for businesses that use multiple programs to cover all their needs.

Competitive advantage

A business that uses tailor-made software has a competitive advantage as it allows them to do things other businesses might not. Competitors who rely on generic commercial packages probably deal with several inefficiencies such as wasting money on using different packages to mix and match their features. Bespoke software can also be designed to leave room for the future growth of the company, eliminating the need for costly upgrades.

No two businesses are the same. It’s difficult to find a commercial package that perfectly addresses the problems of a company. The bespoke software offers a cost-effective solution, allowing any business to boost productivity, improve customer service, and gain a competitive edge. The high capital costs might not seem attractive at first, but the benefits outweigh the price tag especially when considering the long-term rewards of going bespoke.