Are you a business owner who has recently adopted a multi-channel solutions strategy for sales? While we have known for years that retail is no longer just about the bricks and mortar, as time goes on, more and more channels are becoming relevant.

With an increase in mobile transactions and shift away from sales via a desktop, it’s crucial that you pay specific attention to the channels you are selling through and treat each one as an individual. It’s no good just selling through different channels, you need to know the specific channels in order to drive online and multi-channel sales. With this in mind, we have taken a look at ways in which you can ensure your multi-channel strategy is effective.

Customer Experience

Multi-channel retailing is about the customer experience. The better this is, the more customers will buy. Think about what the customers are expecting from the brand, and understand the audience. This is crucial as you must recognise the customer demographic.

Look at the different platforms that customers are using and then utilise these to represent your own brand. By doing this, you can tailor your own interactions accordingly. You also need to ensure that you are tracking the campaigns and measuring the data in order to gain an understanding of how consumers are interacting with the marketing channels. This can allow you to identify which are the most effective.

Look at the process of buying and ensure that it is as simple as possible. While it may be tempting to use a complicated interface to impress customers, they need to be able to find information quickly. Think about how many clicks it takes to reach relevant information, and whether the process of purchasing something is quick and easy. These all contribute to the customer experience and help in making it more effective.

International Shipping

Appealing to an international market is important as it will expose your brand globally. More companies are now adding international delivery to their website which allows customers from all over the world to purchase items, allowing you to open up your market.

If you are allowing global consumers to purchase items, you must also cater to their needs, for example by offering another language for them to view the site in, as well as adding additional payment options. Some companies allow their customers to view the prices in different currencies; this demonstrates that the company is thinking about their needs, which can lead to customer loyalty.

Utilising Mobile

As more people are using smartphones and tablets to browse the internet, companies are creating apps to allow customers to purchase items through these devices. You must also ensure that your website is mobile responsive so customers can browse and view items without any trouble.

Use a simple interface and ensure that relevant information can be accessed quickly. Customers should also be able to purchase items from their device; otherwise this could cause them to abandon their sale. For example, if a customer views an item on their tablet but has to move to their desktop to purchase it, it could feel like too much effort and they may abandon their order.

Making things easy for the customer is crucial. Think about their needs and behaviour in order to create the perfect customer experience. This can also contribute to brand loyalty, when customers believe that the company cares about their needs, they will feel more inclined to come back and purchase from you again.

Effective Logistics System

Multi-channel retailing is all about options and making things easier for the customer. You should be offering a few different types of delivery options for example next day delivery or click and collect to target their various needs. Customers want to know when their parcels will be arriving, therefore it is crucial for companies to provide this information and offer the customer with a choice. Offering recorded delivery is also important because customers want to be able to track their item. Some companies even offer updates, for example, ASOS send text messages to notify you when your delivery will be made.