Came across an interesting press release today from DRM/secure document exchange vendor Confidela today that summarizes some findings from a survey of “500 IT professionals and C-level executives” about various document security issues.

Among their findings:

“One in three admitted to having at least one incident when data had leaked.”

While I’m assuming that the Confidela survey doesn’t have quite the same statistical rigor of our own research on data loss events (see Outbound Email and Data Loss Prevention in Today’s Enterprise, 2010), it’s interesting to see that this finding jibes with some of my company’s own data.

Over the past few years, about a third of IT decision makers in large enterprises have consistently told us that their organization was impacted by the theft or exposure of some sort of confidential or proprietary information in the preceding 12 month period.

One area where Confidela’s findings are different is that, among their survey respondents, only 12% reported using a data loss prevention or digital rights management system. I’m guessing that the Confidela survey sample is comprised more of small and medium-sized businesses as our latest research (which surveyed only large organizations—those with 1000 or more employees) finds that for large enterprises, adoption of various technologies that would fall into the rather broad category of “data loss prevention” is closer to 40%.

At any rate, I think we can say with confidence now that across all types of businesses, about 1 in 3 will experience a data loss event in any given one year period.