On Tuesday 11th March, Google announced the launch of Add-ons, which are publicly available tools which you can integrate with Google Docs & Sheets, that allow you to tailor your experience and add a heap load of new functionality to your documents. This new addition is great news for Google Apps users, and will also massively increase the appeal of Google Apps to those currently using other providers.

Google Add-ons are available to Google Apps user and have been created by Google development partners to further enhance the Google Apps experience. By introducing the Add-ons button to the Google Docs & Sheets navigation bar, it readily makes available a whole host of features right at the users fingertips.

Easy to install, you can just select any of the Add-ons that will be relevant to you and the way you do business. Across marketing, finance, IT and sales departments, to mention a few, there are functionalities provided in Add-ons that will greatly improve the way you work. Across businesses and education, there are Add-ons to benefit everyone. The ones that I’m liking so far are:

  1.  Supermetrics

Likely to be loved by marketing peeps, this tool allows you to sync all Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube analytics into one document, and create graphs and charts to show the results. With instant updates at the click of a button, this really is a game changer when it comes to saving time and working efficiently but getting those all important statistics for Monday’s Board Meeting.

  1.  Track Changes

As you may or may not know, a key feature of Google Apps is the ability to collaborate on documents. Share it with your team members/study group, and you can all instantaneously make changes at the same time. The stickler with this is that you can also both separately collaborate on a document. Using Track Changes, you can review any changes that have been made to the document, allowing you to quickly get up to speed with the latest updates, and even manage whether you want to accept or reject the changes.

  1.  Avery Label Maker

Use the Avery Label Maker to make quick and simple labels in a Google Document, using information from Google Sheets. Previous Microsoft users may have been missing this function in Google Documents, but with Add-ons easy features like this are now accessible, along with other essential features such as Thesaurus and Translate by Google.

  1.  Merge With MailChimp

Ever needed an easy way to send a plain text e-mail to the masses? Merge with MailChimp allows you to write your e-mail content in Google Docs, do a simple mail merge using a contact list in Google Sheets, and seamlessly send an e-mail without leaving your Google Apps. This is a great time saver and one of those tools that once installed, you won’t be able to live without. Just watch out for the ‘Powered by MailChimp’ logo it inserts at the bottom of your e-mails, which may still make people believe your e-mail looks like spam.

There are plenty of Google Add-ons to have a play around with which can help boost your productivity and ensure you’re working efficiently. They are all easy to install and easy to access from the Add-ons button on the top navigation bar of Google Docs and Google Sheets, and I’m sure there will be plenty more added now that they have gone mainstream.