Search users have responded positively to Google Instant as evidenced by increased engagement with search. This is the key finding of a study released today by Marin Software, a provider of a paid search management platform.

On average, impressions and clicks rose for large advertisers following the launch of Google Instant, with costs-per-click falling slightly, resulting in increased volume and improved campaign ROI for advertisers.

Launched in September, Google Instant is a new enhancement to Google Search. With Instant, Google now predicts search queries and begins showing results as the user types, reducing the amount of time it takes to perform a search.

Marin Software studied the effects of Google Instant across a sample of clients that collectively manage more than US$1.3 billion in annualized paid search spend. The study compared data for the same set of keywords from the two weeks prior to and the two weeks following the launch of Google Instant.

The study showed that since the launch, overall impressions for paid search ads have increased by more than nine per cent, while clicks increased by more than five per cent – implying that people are actually searching and clicking more.

Overall advertiser costs rose by less than two per cent as a result of increased click volumes. Despite these increased costs, advertisers have benefitted from Instant. With average cost-per-click rates falling by more than three per cent, advertisers are now getting more value for their money as a result of Google Instant.

So searchers save time, advertisers get more exposure and clicks. It seem with Instant, Google’s innovation has paid off for everyone.