I’m sure by now you know how important it is to bring your blogging and online business to Twitter, and if you don’t then you are not interested in building your blog or business.

Now before I go any further, the one thing you NEED to know from the beginning is…

“You Will Lose Followers On Twitter No Matter How Nice, Polite, or Perfect You Use Twitter”!

Like Guy Kawasaki says: “If your not making people mad on twitter then your not using twitter correctly” 

What I mean is that people on twitter are sensitive, they follow and un-follow quickly.

It can be just one tweet you make that rubs them wrong, they will un-follow you.

Example:  Last week I made a tweet about a story about Obama visiting somewhere, and I said “the prez is slumming it..lol” Now I had the “LOL” in there so people knew I was joking, I’m a sarcastic guy

Yet I had someone that lives in CANADA..lol  @me and complain that I was rude and blah blah.  Understand this person lives in CANADA, yet was mad and he missed that I was joking.

So once you understand that you can not make everyone happy and some people will un-follow you then you can move on with using twitter to build your blog or business.

1 To 36,000 Really

Yes I’m happy with my followers, and have made a lot great connections, and friendships in that 36,000 and I have sent a lot of them to my blog.

You see on twitter it really isn’t that hard to get followers, but what is hard is knowing how to keep them long term.

Here are a few things I do that keep my followers happy and growing…

Do Not Automate Every Part Of Twitter!

I schedule a few tweets thru the day because that lets me share more, but I am also there in person thru the day reading and replying, to get most out of twitter you need to be there.

Yes I automate DM’s and I auto follow people, why? For one automating DM’s is just smart and efficient..Period!

Why do I auto follow? Because I don’t think I am so amazing or that I am any better or more important then anyone else on twitter, if they follow me, I follow them, if they spam me then I drop them

I have learned new things from top bloggers and marketers on twitter, but I have also learned things from people with less then 100 followers, so stay open.

I Tweet The Same Tweet More Then Once!

I do this mainly for my blog posts, and why?  It’s simple, my followers are from all over the world all in different time zones.

If I post something at 9am a big part my followers won’t see it, or some people are not on twitter at 9am some are on at 6pm after work, some on at 11pm once the family is asleep.

So for me to reach as many of my followers as I can I post my blog posts every 3-4 hrs.

Here’s a little secret, do you know the best time my posts get RT’d the most?  11 pm.  Shhhhh don’t tell anyone

Build A Community In Twitter

If you know Chris Brogan, then you know he is all about community and twitter is no different.

Best way to do this is interact with people, reply to tweets, answer questions, share a “little” about your life and participate in follow Friday.

Here’s what I do, if some RT’s any of your tweets whether it be your own post, or news article, thanks them as soon as you can, and sometimes this turns into a nice conversation, which is what you want to do on twitter.

On #Ff I follow Friday to anyone in that week that has RT’d my posts or has sent me a nice reply or DM or that has #ff me. This is a nice way to thank people again for RTing your tweets or any nice compliments they gave you.

This builds a friendship, benefits them cause your sharing their name with your followers and hopefully they will RT more in the future.

There you go! Now you have a few things that I do that work for me that got me to 36,000 in less then 8 months, and that helps me keep them around.

What do you think of my tips?  You have any to share?