There are many reasons why it’s necessary to keep your office clean. Not least of these is that first impressions count. You’re not likely to do well in business if potential customers or employees step one foot inside your office and want to walk straight out again! A clean and tidy work space is one way to give a great impression and have people wanting to return. It creates the image of being an efficient and organised business that is run with focus.

A company that is run professionally is immediately evident, whether it be a hotel or an office building. You can easily give the impression of a sloppy and careless approach if you have a poor attention to detail. And this attitude can merge into the culture of your company and will certainly reflect the way you do business and the level of service you offer.

However, office cleaning can be a difficult thing to keep on top of. Many companies, especially small or start-up businesses, will cut costs by taking care of their own cleaning. But when no one is individually responsible for the cleanliness of the premises and everybody has their own work agenda’s to attend to… it’s easy to let standards slip. I’ve previously worked in a small office where we regularly had visitors – client meetings or training days. It was a very welcoming office that always offered refreshments and occasionally put lunch on.

This is great hospitality and a great representation of your business. However, when the visitors left, there was nobody responsible for clearing up after them . . . so whilst everybody pitched in, it was never done to the standard which it should be. The coffee machine was often filthy so anybody helping themselves to seconds might start to think we weren’t quite as professional as we first appeared!

In the business world today it’s essential to build up trust between clients and suppliers. It can be a fragile relationship, and once broken it can be difficult to regain. Therefore, it’s sensible to protect your reputation by ensuring your practices are ethical and your culture is positive. But keeping your office clean, tidy and hygienic is another key factor as it could easily influence your client’s decision as to whether or not to continue working with you . . . whether they’re conscious of it or not! Any prospective or existing client visiting your office will be given a sense of security and reliability when met with an immaculately neat space.

Given the stats, it’s quite surprising that so many businesses overlook cleanliness as an important factor in their success. It doesn’t help that the cleaning industry isn’t known for being the most reliable themselves! Finding the right cleaning company, with a dedication to maintaining excellent standards of service, takes up time that you may not have. But it’s essential that you find it, because it’s not just your reputation at stake, but the productivity of your company. It’s your duty as an employer to protect the health and morale of your staff team, and keeping an orderly and sanitary environment is a big part of that. It’s not something you can afford to overlook.

Particularly for office workers, it’s really difficult to find job satisfaction in a dirty and cluttered environment. Sitting at a computer from 9-5 can be stressful enough as it is, but studies have shown that stress levels can double in an unclean and untidy office. This is going to lower the productivity of your staff and perhaps even lead them into depression. Or else, people that are not enjoying their job are unlikely to stay and a high staff turnover is not beneficial to any business.

Going back to my previous job, the only bone of contention anybody ever had was cleaning. How often one person was doing everybody else’s washing up or how long somebody had spent vacuuming the training room and was therefore struggling to meet their deadline. In an otherwise friendly and productive office, cleaning was the cause of arguments.

A few years ago I did work experience at a well-established and respected charity and the conditions in the small kitchen were shocking! As it turned out, a couple of months after I started, rat faeces was discovered under the floor. They had to have the whole kitchen deep cleaned by professionals and it was out of use for well over a week. It was not a nice environment to work in. The situation had been allowed to get out of hand, because once again, it was no one person’s responsibility to make sure the facilities were clean.

Without question, perhaps the most prominent issue is hygiene. If your work space becomes unsanitary then you and your staff’s health could be at risk. From kitchens and carpets to sinks and toilets, they all need regular and deep cleaning in order to keep the germs away. During the winter, when viruses are rife, it’s even more important to ensure the cleanliness of your work environment. It’s vital to maintaining the productivity of your bottom line.

A regular investment in a reliable office cleaning company could be well worth the money as it will remove the stress for you of dealing with poor attendance and low staff morale. Prices vary depending on area, but as a guide commercial cleaning services in Peterborough costs an average of £12 per hour and a decent company should be able to advise you honestly about what your requirements are.