The constant reliance on technology may not always be obvious to end users, who see applications and online services as an extension of themselves, but businesses in all fields need stable systems in order to operate. No matter how advanced your tech might be, something can always go wrong, from a crashed server to a buggy system update. When that happens, your entire operations can be affected and the danger is even higher for small businesses, which don’t have the staff, budget and expertise of Fortune 500 companies.

Although the first solution that comes to mind when dealing with these cases is having a dedicated internal IT department, this is not the most cost-effective idea for small businesses. At the same time, not including IT support on your list of priorities is a huge mistake and can set back your business. The right balance comes from managed IT support services, which not only can maintain and fix your infrastructure when needed, but also contributes to the growth of your business in the long run. Here’s how:

Outsourcing IT Support Reduces Costs

Small business owners often have to make tough decisions when drafting their annual budget. Limited funds imply sacrifices, so paying a monthly fee for managed IT support may sound like more than you can afford. However, looking at the big picture, outsourced IT support is much more convenient than hiring tech support personnel. If you were to do this, you would have to pay for a monthly salary, onsite equipment, training, insurance and other costs, not to mention that only one IT support specialist may not be enough.

When drawing the line, the cost of in-house IT support would be considerably higher than if you were to outsource it. Paying just a fixed fee gives you financial stability. No matter what happens, you know for sure how much you have to pay, there will be no unexpected costs, and this will help you better plan your expenses. A 2014 survey shows that more than more than 50% of businesses outsource IT support and 20% are considering doing so in the near future. At the same time, the vast majority of those interviewed said that they were happy with the costs of managed IT support services (80%), so from a financial perspective this solution is the safest one.

Hiring Another Company For IT Support Allows Your Team To Innovate & Focus On Core Business Processes

In order to grow, small businesses need to innovate and broaden their scope. Everyone must work together to come up with effective products and creative marketing strategies that boost exposure. However, creativity and innovation cannot thrive in offices where everyone spends most of their time doing system maintenance and backups. Your team members should do the jobs that they are paid to do, not take on the challenges of IT technicians. One study shows that 30% of companies who hire IT support do so clear out the schedule of their staff and focus on innovation.

The results are worth it: once your staff is no longer worried about updating systems and fixing errors, they can develop applications, improve customer relationship or develop better marketing plans and work on other core business processes. Besides, trained IT staff will always do a better job than in-house employers who have another specialisation and only have basic technical skills. When a problem arises, tech support engineers will be faster and more precise in fixing it and you will be able to allocate your human resources where they should be allocated, not for “patching up”.

IT Security Compliance Is The Hallmark Of A Reliable Business

In the United States, 20% of businesses fail in their first year of activity, usually because of cash flow issues. It’s not easy to be a small start-up in an industry dominated by big players, so you need to make every effort possible to convince clients that you are just as good, if not better. The first way of doing this is by providing top quality products and services and investing in customer support, but you shouldn’t neglect the importance of complying with cyber security standards, especially if you provide services through an online platform.

When choosing an online supplier, customers no longer look at cost and experience alone. They also want to know if their personal data and credit card numbers are protected. The experts at Evolvement point out that having a security breach puts small businesses at risk of losing their clients and causes irreparable harm to their reputation. Therefore, it’s crucial that you prevent these problems from occurring in the first place and work with a professional IT support company to keep your systems and firewalls up to date. Your infrastructure will always be stable, your website will have maximum uptime and you won’t risk losing clients because of a technical issue.

You Benefit From Best-Of-Breed IT Solutions

Reliable IT support requires state of the art tech and complex infrastructure, both of which being hard to access if you have budget and space constraints. Unless you happen to receive a massive cash influx, it’s impossible to afford the latest IT resources internally. Needless to say, it takes years for support staff to get to a point where they can fix any issue in due time and take on massive security challenges. By outsourcing IT support and choosing managed services, you can enjoy the higher tech capabilities of a large company without having to invest as much time and money into developing them. You will have a team of professionals at your side to pick up the call 24/7 and you will take advantage of modern technologies at an affordable cost.