Microsoft Lync is a unified communications solution that helps many businesses to improve their efficiencies and productivity levels. It combines instant messaging, video conferencing and desktop sharing across one server platform and comes bundled with Office 365 business subscriptions. Using Lync in your business is therefore a great way to improve the efficiency of communication across the company, but these can be further improved with managed Lync services from the likes of Redcentric and more. It can be worth considering managed Lync services for a variety of reasons.

Improved Account Management

Lync is an all-encompassing tool for communication, projects, contacts and so much more, that can greatly improve management and productivity. Rather than having many different technology and software packages to use for different stages along the way, everything is handily stored in one place. It can be used for delegation to arranging video conferences, while account managers can easily monitor documents and progress in real time.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

The functionality to hold audio calls and conferences via the VoIP feature of Lync is changing business communication. Many businesses have started to realise the benefits of VoIP to save time and money. Especially with Lync, with everything in one place it enables employees to open and review documents at the same time as being part of a conference call.

Mobile Apps

Everyone uses mobiles and tablets to access the internet and apps, even for work-based purposes. That’s why the Lync Mobile app was developed, which allows people to access and communicate from virtually anywhere with a working internet connection. There may not be full functionality (yet) but instant messaging, call and Lync Meetings can be joined.

Increased Collaboration

Integration with other applications such as Microsoft Office and Exchange makes it a lot more efficient to use and collaborate. As a managed unified communications solution, this creates a single collaboration tool rather than relying on multiple applications. Plus, productivity is increased as an expert IT company will take charge of all hosting duties.

Microsoft Best Practices

In order to get the best out of Lync it’s ideal that you use Microsoft’s best practice guidelines. With a managed Lync solution this should happen, utilising such best practices to implement and design a fit for purpose customer specific configuration, using its planning tools. This way it should be running at its best and most efficient levels.

Improve your communication, strategies, efficiency and productivity by using a managed Microsoft Lync solution, whatever type of business you are in.