Twitter is a wonderful social tool that has a marketing capability. But is it being used just to market websites, blog posts and other media? I have always maintained that good use of Twitter is to be social first, promote other. But when you Tweet your own blog posts, how often should you do it, and how much is enough?

To answer this question, I am going to look at a few points:


The lifespan of a tweet is very short. There is roughly 50,000-70,000 tweets per minute and an average of 3,600,000 tweets per hour. This does not give you much time to be noticed. With so many tweets your one tweet will only be there on the twitter stream for a short while. Granted that you will not see all those tweets. But if your followers have large amounts of followers themselves, and depending on their tweet speed, your tweet might go un-noticed. So it might be prudent to tweet your blog post more than once.

Time Online

The internet and twitter has no time limits or time boundaries. People from all over the globe are on it 24 hours. Your followers might not be online the same time you are. If you analyse your followers location you will get a good idea as to when they might be online.

It then stands to reason that if they are not online then they might not see your tweet about your post. So tweeting more than once might overcome that issue. Tweeting at times when you think your followers will be online will give maximum effect. This could well be at different times during the day for you. Especially if you have many global followers. So it might be prudent to tweet your blog post more than once.

Too much information

With so many tweets, and so many people online it might just be that your tweet was un-noticed because of the sheer volume. Overload of information. Having to tweet more than once might overcome this and give you a fighting chance. Because someone might be online and your tweet might actually cross their tweet stream, but because they might just be so busy with something else, it might be prudent to tweet your blog post more than once.

Too much spam

Many believe that duplicating your tweets amounts to spam. But because of the short lifespan of a tweet and the volume of tweets I hardly think a few duplicated tweets will matter. The tactic though should be to evenly space out your tweets. Don’t Tweet 5 times within one hour. That might well be considered spam But 5 times within a 24 hour period is hardly a concern. It might actually be beneficial to your blog marketing cause.

Now then, what do you think? I know some don’t like duplicating their blog post tweets, others think it’s a good idea. But what do you think? Most importantly what do you do? Do you tweet your blog posts more than once within a 24hour period, or any period for that matter.