Artificial intelligence is the next big thing on the block. It’s innovative, informative and can be used for a variety of different purposes. From segments like entertainment, news, to business, AI is definitely growing at a rapid speed in all sectors.

Keeping this is mind; Microsoft is launching artificial intelligence apps under Dynamics 365 Brand. The big announcement was made in Microsoft’s Ignite conference that brings under one roof around 23,000 IT professionals. The conference is held in Atlanta, Georgia. Microsoft announced its aim and desire to infuse more and more AI capabilities in their business related apps. This would also include newer tools under the Dynamics 365 Suite.

The Main Agenda

Customer service will be the main focus of introducing AI into their business related apps. “The solution we announced today is focused on applying AI to transform the customer service function,” said Steve Guggenheimer. He is the Microsoft corporate vice president and chief evangelist for Microsoft. “This is accomplished by having virtual agents engage with customers to solve their issues, and seamlessly transfer to support agents only when necessary,” he added.

The Reason

Microsoft essentially feels that as data becomes a huge part of every company’s working, smarter tools are the need of the hour. Analytics in a work place and as an integral part of the workflow is becoming a necessity. This helps individuals be more productive. Microsoft wants to thus help the process and bring more machine learning powered tools to the workplace through its services like Dynamics 365.

AI Versus Human Labour

One common feature that strikes everyone is whether AI will go on to replaces human labour. The company repeatedly stressed on how that will not happen and AI will only empower them and enable them to work better and more efficiently. That is something only time will tell. In more concrete terms, Microsoft will now be bringing in more cloud based intelligence services to its existing features like Office 365. For example, your entire workflow of making a presentation will be highly simplified when new features will give you curated outlines for whatever topic you might be thinking of.

The outline will include both texts and images and will make your job a lot simpler. Similarly, the new age features will help you easily transform geographical data in Excel into maps. In Word, you will be helped with information and content existing inside existing company documents that might be relevant for whatever you are writing. All these tools do not do the entire work that you were doing but only reduces the time you’d spend doing it and makes you work more efficiently.

Virtual Assistance

In essence, as Steve said, “The agents receive real-time suggestions when a customer is handed off and can provide real-time feedback to train the virtual agents to become even more effective over time.” Certain versions of this technology are already being tested. AI will aim at satisfying the customer as well as increase communication within internal support teams. AI, within Dynamics 365, will help bring to the forefront data that is necessary and relevant for action. It will also help the sales teams by helping them find the best possible solution or action when they are working on deals.

The new features are now available for use for the Office 365 customers and certain features will be unveiled in due course of the year. Microsoft is also working on AI powered agents that work in call centres. They help the employees answer queries and deal with customers better.

Even though the information given is a little vague, when couples with cloud services, it can revolutionise work patterns within companies. The only way to survive in this globalised fast paced world is to adapt to newer technologies. One of these is the rising cause of Artificial Intelligence that has taken the world by storm. The best thing to do now is to learn about it, introduce it in your workflow, even if it is in a small and limited way.

Being updated is a key component for survival today. AI will only make your employees more efficient and your workflow less time consuming. Hence, trying to gauge how to use it best and implementing it in everyday activities will only go on to make your business more flourishing.