Have you ever heard about the Global Information Industry Center (GIIC)? It’s part of the University of San Diego – situated close to the place where UC4 customers gathered for the annual user conference some weeks ago? They just published a new 2009 Report on American Consumers (entitled “How Much Information?”) trying to create a census of all forms of information an average American consumes in a single day.

Want to guess how much??? It’s 34 gigabytes of content and 100,000 words of information in a single day.

The New York Times twists the knife in the wound, pointing out that this “doesn’t mean we read 100,000 words a day — it means that 100,000 words cross our eyes and ears in a single 24-hour period. That information comes through various channels, including the television, radio, the Web, text messages and video games.”

But why do we have this voracious appetite for information? The answer is maybe a whole lot simpler than you would think: Because what we mainly eat is instant data and not nutritious information! It seems time for a diet – even on the business side?

Because business processes nowadays are accompanied by myriads of event driven data while at the same we have to govern them almost in real-time. In a situation like this data is not enough. What we need are digestible pieces of information combined with pattern recognition capabilities.

Our diet plan is simple. Less junk data and more information bites. If you want to know what we use in the kitchen, get some UC4 Insight on our web. You will like the taste.