Flexible working has long provided benefits for both employees and employers. Businesses that embrace flexible working can expect to achieve productivity gains, better relations with staff and customers as well as streamlining processes and improving efficiency.

Making sure a flexible workforce has access to the tech tools it needs to maintain these benefits is on of the lynchpins in any flexible working plan particularly as the mindset of flexible workers looks to be changing as employees feel they face increasing pressure to be present in the office according to new research.

The survey carried out by O2 suggested that more than a quarter of respondents believed their performance at work to be primarily measured by the time they spent in the office rather than the outputs they delivered.

In addition, for over two-thirds of employees, flexible working is about choosing the hours that they attend work, with only around a third believing it means being able to work from home. For employers this is all good news, flexible working doesn’t have to mean expensive tech purchases to keep the workforce in touch and on the pulse twenty four hours a day.

Flexible workers, particularly the current generation and next generation of workers require very little tech to keep them going. Broadband connections are cheap and readily available, whether home or mobile based, as are smartphones and laptops.

The laptop, mobile-dongle combination (providing you have decent network coverage of course) gives all employees the agency to complete almost all the office based tasks they may encounter. Even unscheduled meetings can be collaborated upon thanks to VOIP services, meaning flexible workers can always be kept in the loop.

What’s more coupled with a VPN service flexible workers can access all they need to from internal business networks, securely and easily. In order to empower a flexible workforce, businesses needn’t spend a fortune, these simple tools can help businesses achieve efficiencies and increase productivity whilst simultaneously improving employee relations.