Social media is the big buzz on the web today. Everyone and his dog is getting into it. But like everything in life there are those who simply abuse and misuse it.

There is such a thing as Social Media Etiquette. There is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things.

If you’re using Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed or any one of the other social media apps, then here are a few things that you need to avoid if you want your social media efforts to succeed.

  • Don’t massive follow and un-follow.
  • Don’t Follow every Tom, Dick and Sue
  • Don’t just follow the big boys
  • Don’t use Auto DM’s and Auto replies
  • Have a meaningful bio
  • Don’t self Promote all the time.
  • Don’t just sell, sell, sell
  • Promote others
  • Re tweet often
  • Don’t re-tweet everything, be selective
  • Be open, don’t hide your true intentions.
  • Social Media is not just marketing
  • Don’t submit every post you’ve ever read.
  • Engage with your followers and others
  • Don’t impersonate someone else.
  • Don’t annoy your followers.
  • Don’t just advertise
  • Leverage other social media sites
  • Don’t attack people’s character
  • Don’t tell the world everything your doing. I really do not want to know when you go to the toilet.
  • Don’t complain and whine continually.
  • Answer people’s questions.
  • Be yourself
  • Don’t beg
  • Don’t spam

Perhaps you have some more advice. Note them down in the comments. Let’s hear from you.