Embracing new technology and concepts needn’t mean re-writing traditional ways of doing things. There’s a good chance you still create press releases for industry-related magazines, local papers etc, so why not use them to help boost your online presence and your SEO in particular. Make sure you publish your press releases online in some form and you will soon reap the benefits.

Extra pages – Your SEO rating is boosted every time you have another page indexed by search engines like Google. So it makes sense to have more pages on your website, which will also increase traffic and in turn further boost your SEO. Irrelevant copy doesn’t look very professional but copies of your press releases being accessible online are a good way of showing potential new customers what you have been up to and that you are worth investing in.

Back-links – If you mention other people or businesses in your press releases make sure you hyperlink to their sites too. They are more likely to back link to you then too and increasing your inbound links is another good boost to your SEO.

RSS-it – There are plenty of RSS feed applications and widgets out there for you to use if you don’t have a fully featured content management system. By installing this feed of your news releases on your home page you immediately give a dynamic look and give customers a reason to come back to your site, thus driving up your traffic. If what you have to say is interesting you may also get people linking to your feed too, spreading your word for you.

Re-think those releases – With the above adopted it might be time to adjust the way you release your news. If you are a larger organisation try and encourage other departments to come up with some newsworthy stories. It needn’t be a story about how you deal with customers. An internal story about a new training course or back-end system is as likely to impress certain customers.

Keywords, keywords, keywords – You can never tire of the tried and tested methods and using keywords prominently in your pages is a great way of boosting SEO and if you are using your press releases online make sure relevant keywords are also used in these.

Tweet your feats – It sounds obvious but if you have good news, make sure you let as many know as possible. If you have your press releases online you then have a URL reference perfect for promoting on your Twitter account. Use hashtags so that non-followers interested in what you do or have done can find you too.

Finally, make sure your website is up-to-date elsewhere and looking good, you are about to get a lot more traffic and you want to keep them coming back.

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Author profile: Tim Fuell

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