SEO has changed how companies market themselves drastically, and this can be especially true for businesses involved in software. With so much competition out there, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and show off the benefits of your product. Developing a quality strategy for SEO can help to determine how your future relationships with clients will go—and it can bring in new customers that might not have heard what you have to offer.

Here are four key reasons why SEO matters for your SaaS company.

1. Keywords can narrow down buyers

Chances are, if potential clients are looking for software, they have an idea of how what they want. SEO can help direct them to their best options, and having keywords geared toward what they are looking for can go a long way helping your business get discovered. Because it can be hard to find the right software for your operating system and your needs on an app store or marketplace, ranking can help you appear to the right people looking for the software that directly fits their needs.

2. It helps them find resources

Most companies should have a well-written and informative website. They might also want to have a blog that can provide potential customers with information about their product or service. This can be especially helpful as a SaaS company, where it can be a bit more difficult for a layperson to understand the benefits of using your software. A blog can be one of the best ways to help your SEO—which can bring more customers in looking for quality information about what they need. Technology isn’t always straightforward, but providing these extra resources to Google shows clients that you care about your industry and helping them.

3. Ranking equals authority

Customers tend to rely on Google and the way its ranking system works. While this isn’t necessarily true, many buyers tend to look at the first or second results as the better company with more authority. SEO cannot only help your business gain more customers, but it can also help your SaaS business to look more established and encourage trust. Plenty of potential clients might feel as though they are overwhelmed with the options available to them, and ranking higher than other businesses on search can help businesses to stand out.

4. It helps with outreach

Almost all types of businesses need to include outreach within their marketing strategy. For SaaS companies, this often means backlinking to certain pages in order to increase rankings and to hone in on certain pages to do better on search. It can also encourage new customers to check out your site and see what you have to offer while reading pieces in certain publications or on other sites. SEO can help your site to gain attention over others.

SEO for SaaS companies can be essential toward developing a business that reaches the right clients. Almost all businesses need it, but software and technology companies can often benefit from it the most when developing relationships with clients.