I was having a good old search of the Android market recently to see if there was anything that I could add to the burgeoning number of apps on my HTC Android and I discovered a WordPress app that enabled me to update this blog from my smartphone. In theory that is very laudable but just how practical would it be?

I know there are programs out there that enable you to create compatible Word documents and Excel spreadsheets on your phone, but I have never seriously investigated them as the thought of rewriting War and Peace on a smartphone was out of the question.

But the mobile world is changing.

One of the best apps I have coughed up cash for is Swiftkey which enables you to build up a database of words and phrases and it remembers the sequence in which you input them. This means that if you regularly have the same event details when entering things into the calendar the odds are over time that you only need to punch in the first word and you just accept the remainder as they turn up in sequence.

But would I be able to blog from my WordPress app? Probably not. I will make a test post just to see how it pans out but I don’t think it is for me. If I ran a blog on UK trees or something where I could take a photograph, incorporate that into the WordPress post with a heading and a reasonably short amount of text and publish it, but it’s not for me.

So just how small and mobile can we go in our day to day business lives and what has been your most ambitious use of a smartphone in business?