I believe SMEs are the lifeblood of the UK Ecconomy and without them there would be just a few corporates (mostly foreign owned), a public sector and the one-man outfits – ie: not the basis for a vibrant ecconomy.

You would think (given the above) the govenment, public sector and corporations would worship the ground they walked on – but as important as SMEs are, they seem to have the hardest time – growing up in difficult trading conditions, little or no support, with many falling by the wayside – unable to scale their operations, manage their cashflows or organise themselves into larger entities due to lack of training and systems.

When the credit crunch took hold – the banks were happy to pull their funding – or make it much more expensive – meaning that every available SME pound had to stretch that much further.

So given the current constraints on funding and the (average at best) trading conditions, how does the SME keep their head above water or make more profit ?

One way to grow during difficult times is to manage the existing business far more effectively – and of course, a major part of this effective management is having the right software and telcoms systems in place. Now once apon a time – this used to be a hugely expensive propsition for any business (let alone a cash conscious SME) but thanks to the Internet and the rise of SaaS (Software as a Service) having these systems for a tiny cost becomes a reality – today.

There are a number of advanced technologies that will allow an SME (of almost any type) to literally transform their business within months (not years) and give them the best opportunity to grow and scale their business effeciently and cost effectively.

Over the next few articles, I will be examining the five SaaS Technologies I believe are most effective for SMEs wanting to transform their businesses – starting with Unified Communications as a Service.