Blogging is a useful way to enhance your business online. It enables you advertise your product in a well-mannered way and generate more traffic towards your website. Content marketing has its impact on the growth of any business that is why blogging needs to be more sophisticated nowadays.

The whole process of creating, publishing and promoting content often take a lot of time. With the help of advanced technology, luckily there are several tools in the market that are very helpful in order to ease the bloggers. These tools enhance the writing process so the bloggers can consistently and proactively produce the best writings for the readers.

Before writing any content, you must be clear about the idea you are going to be elaborated. For this purpose as traditional way, brainstorming is the best to get start with it. The good news is, several tools are in a market that is quite helpful for this purpose.

Quora is a crowd-sourced discussion website. People ask any kind of questions there and in reply got the answers. You might look for such queries in order to generate an in-depth blog. You can search your supposed keyword and got ideas about your blog. BuzzSumo is another tool that is useful for idea generation. You just have to enter your keyword in the search box and in result you will get a large number of social sharing that are existing on the internet.

After getting an idea to write a blog, you have to consider that either the idea you choose is well optimised or not. A well optimised and popular idea will get more attention on web browser rankings and hence produce more audience. To determining the optimisation of your idea you may use several tools. You can analyse your idea through Google Trends and estimate it. Google Trends provides the current rating of the search related to the nominated keywords that you are going to use in your blog.

Keyword Planner is another source for the better keyword adjustment in your blogs. Such tools are needed to generate far reaching blogs that the people around the globe can easily find your blog on the internet.

The next and most important element to succeed with your blog writing is to produce high quality content consistently on regular basis. Such tools are capable of easing the writers to enhance their writing styles, increasing the readability of the writings, eliminate the mistakes of grammar and make sure that punctuation has been used appropriately. Some of the tools recommended by pro writers are:

  • Hemingway App analyses your writing and highlights the lines with less readability or if there is some sort of confusion with them. Additionally, Hemingway App also eases the user to eliminate the grammatical mistakes.
  • Urban Dictionary is an online website that provide in depth information about the meaning of any particular word. It is an up to date online dictionary and much handy to find the interpretation of any word.
  • Grammarly is a very useful text editor that enables you to overcome the grammar mistakes. Additionally, Grammarly also offers to enhance the readability of your writing with the help of in depth analysis.
  • 750 Words is the kind of tool that is for you if you are not a natural writer. 750 Words ease the writer by generating several points relating to what you are writing. It works in an online environment and the basic aim of this application is keep flowing the words of your writing.



Emma Miah

Emma Miah is an entrepreneur, social media enthusiast and blogger. She invests in people and great ideas. She makes social technology easy for people. She has been studying internet marketing and tech startups for years and she loves to read and write about technology, blogging, gadgets, tip and tricks and gaming to share her knowledge and expertise.