Passwords are the first line of defense for pretty much everything … websites, email, laptops, desktop and mobile phones.

Various password-cracking methods exist which use automated software to guess passwords; the three main methods are to use dictionary words, a combination of dictionary and other combinations (known as hybrid) and brute force which uses all possible methods and combinations.

The ideal password is long, complex, and easy-to-remember – but hard to break. Good passwords are often hard to remember so the examples below may help.

  1.  First pick a group of words
  • I have a black labrador dog called charlie
  • my house is in south-east london
  • my favourite rock band is the beatles
  • my favourite musical instrument is the saxophone
  • I got married in paris in france
  1.  Take each first character and make a word
  • ihabldcc
  • mhiisel
  • mfrbitb
  • mfmiits
  • igmipif
  1.  Add a random word at the end
  • ihabldccapple
  • mhiiselemail
  • mfrbitbmicro
  • mfmiitsred
  • igmipifebay
  1.  Further strengthen
  • ihabldcc@pple
  • mhii$elemail
  • mfrb1tbmicro
  • mfmiits-red
  • igmipif+ebay